Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Profile

Hi Friends,
I am a young talented guitarist 18 yo from Indonesia
Live in Bogor, West Java.
I am member of Pyramid & Dedevai
(Instrumental rock).

When I was 10th, I joined with a classic guitar class
at Yamaha Music Indonesia, and two years later I joined
with Pyramid as a lead guitar.
My father was a founder of the Band..

In the middle of 2009 I joined with kid band
“Alphakid” and released one album
“Mengejar Bintang” supported by senior rock musician Areng Widodo.

End of 2010 I created a solo project exploring Instrumental guitar as Yngwie JM,
Joe Satriani, STEVE VAI etc.
Many various genre has been arrangered and completed by me starting from Keroncong on region local song, soundtrack film Popeye, Doraemon, Mission Impossible, Game song Super Mario Bros, until world wide band as Deep Purple, Metallica, Journey etc.

Based on a classic class, I also prepared some legend classic songs from Mozart /
Beethoven to compile with My Rock version of course.
until now more than 150 songs were completely done by me

I still need to have continuously support from
My parent, Bro & Sis, friends, fans, and everyone who like
my Music.
Hopefully, I would be a great musician someday
Many Thanks & GodBless You All..

Performance on stage :
performing 2007-2012
more than 200 times on stage

Special invitation :
Jak Jazz 2010 invited by Ireng Maulana
I Wayan Balawan Concert (opening)
Jaming with Firman Al Hakim (shredder)
Collaboration with Yoyo Padi (BOS)
Collaboration with Trison Roxx (BOS)
JAPEX 2012 by Audiopro Megazine
Event Blues Community, Bogor, Bandung & Cianjur

Mentor of Blues by Gideon LJ Tengker
Mentor of Classic Guitar by Faisal Ahmad
Mentor of Rock & Metal by Fosil Haris

1 FB Fanpage
2 You Tube Channel
3 Reverbnation -> dedevai666
4 Sound Cloud Channel

Management under Pyramid (Bogor)
CP: 08176095436
email :